VPNZ assist many customers with custom packages. We can assist with specification, design, build, installation and commissioning. Some of the packages available include:
Aeration Blower – Blower, Table, Motor & Drive, Mufflers, acoustic enclosure
Pneumatic conveying – Either vacuum or pressure pump, filtration, relief valves, mufflers, receiver (pressure or vacuum vessel), stainless steel if required
Flammable gas areas – Either close coupled pumps with explosion proof motors or belt drive packages
Sucker truck skids – Pumps and accessories for skid or trailer mounted vacuum vehicle operations. Pumps can be petrol or diesel donkey motor driven.
Medicinal or Dental suction – Including medical filtration, receivers, stainless steel pipework, moisture separators
Outdoor or harsh environment compressor enclosures
Compressor packages – Ute mount, marine operations, grain silos, quiet enclosures, truck mount

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